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Lionel Erie Lackawanna F3 A - B and Phoebe Snow Passenger Set 6-29122

Lionel Erie Lackawanna F3 A - B and Phoebe Snow Passenger Set 6-29122

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The Erie Lackawanna F3 A-B and phoebe snow passenger set - streamlined luxury vibrant paint scheme, powerful aluminum six-piece set. In the 1960s, Lackawanna's superb diesel-powered passenger train ran from Hoboken to Chicago on the Delaware, Lackawanna and Western Railroad. A 1966 advertisement for the railroad states that the passenger train was the shortest railroad between New York and Buffalo, and one of the smoothest, too. 

Lionel's streamlined set includes a passenger var featuring Eleazor Lord, the Erie's first president, and an observation car called Tavern Lounge, which was the last car of the phoebe snow's last run in November 1966.

Originally the phoebe snow image of a woman in a white dress was created by the Lackawanna Railroad to foster the idea that riding in the coal powered trains was a clean event, hence the white dress. But the name remained as a popular addition to the Lackawanna line. Even the popular recording artist phoebe snow borrowed her stage name form this famous passenger train . Her birth name was Phoebe Laub.

F3 A unit-dual classic pullmor motors magne traction diecast trucks and chassis. Detail molded body, digital trainmaster controlled. Operating directional lighting. Operating front electro-coupler.

F3 B unit Authentic full bodied rail-sounds, tower-com and crew talk, sturdy metal frame operating rear electro-coupler diecast trucks operating directional lighting. Erie Lackawanna Passenger car set extruded aluminum bodies detailed molded car ends die cast trucks with operating couplers, sturdy metal chassis, new observation end casting with lighted phoebe snow drum head interior illumination (not in baggage car)

Set length 90 1/4

Min. Radius 0-31

Part No.6-29122


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